Our fully equipped classroom facility is located at our store. PAL courses usually take place the fourth weekend of every month. Non-restricted on Saturday and Restricted on Sunday. Other courses may be available on request. Call for dates and pricing.

Next Course Date: Limited 10 people per course

Non -Restricted     - 1 DAY COURSE DATES 8AM - 5PM : SEP 22/2023, SEP 23/2023, SEP 29/2023

                              - EVENING COURSE : 

Restricted Course  - 1 DAY COURSE DATES 8AM-1PM : SEP 30/2023


Hey there High level patriates there are courses available for you as well!

Please call CAC Safety #780-821-1116  for dates and availability (call here for High Level courses only)

Courses fill up fast so if you want to make sure you got a seat come in or call and book yours today.

Already have your PAL but need help renewing it. Come and see us we can help you renew your PAL online. It is quick and painless.